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Re: Replacing Smallville...

Smallville was only supposed to last for 4 years, and it has gone on way too long, renewed season after season and continually changing cast members like soiled underwear. Please let it drop and as Christopher (it really was him this time) said, let's try something different and not retread old ground.

I'm all for a new superhero-type series, but why not go in for the Unbreakable-style hero. Something understated that really works well. Hancock may even work well as a series, if it doesn't go on for too long. The CW is a crap network with crap shows being watched by the dumbest people, and I make no apologies for that assertion as the fact that they continue to watch a series that jumped the shark five years earlier proves my point.

If we want to replace Smallville, then let's replace it with a superhero, or even a hero, who hasn't had much screen time if any. Someone new. Surely the writers out there aren't that devoid of talent?

Anyone second a motion for David Mack's The Calling to be made into a TV show? On CBS or ABC?
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