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Re: NBC cancels Southland

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I think it's weird that everyone is treating it as such a tragedy that NBC has occupied its 10pm timeslots with The Jay Leno Show. In the meantime, FOX, the CW, UPN, & the WB never had any 10pm programming to begin with, yet no one is talking about that.
Yes but NBC did and that's what matters. 10 PM have us shows like Hill Street Blues. No one cares (in this debate) what the other networks do or have done. The fact remains NBC had a key timeslot, one that has produced great TV art over years, and they've squandared it on Tonight Show Lite.

The end result of this is studios and producers are going to start abandoning NBC when they come up with new programming. Advantage: the other networks, some of whom might even end up with the same sort of 10 p.m. goldmine that NBC used to have.

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