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Re: Smallville 9x03 "Rabid" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

I see Ollie beating himself up and burning the Green Arrow leathers as he is trying to come to grips with the death of Jimmy and the role he played in it.

Remember last season, Ollie hired Jimmy. And in Jimmy fulfilling his role as Ollie's employee, Jimmy assisted in tracking down Davis. Ollie is feeling guilty. That he failed as a hero to be good enough to save him. We know he was not at fault, that Jimmy was already neck-deep into the situation with his relationship with Chloe and, to a lesser extent, Clark. But guilt rarely follows logic, and Ollie is placing himself at fault. The man was stoically crying at Jimmy's funeral, while the rest of the League split up from the guilt of what happened, and Clark was attempting to turn away from his human upbringing. This is just how Ollie is dealing with it. There are so few people who know he is Green Arrow, that it is a guilt he cannot freely share. He might have with Lois this episode in the elevator, but she went zombie on him and that was that.

Also, regarding the Kryptonians, they are clones who do not realize they are clones. The clone of Jor-El may know, as it was his original who took the blood samples and duplicated their memories within the Orb he planned to stash safely away on Earth. In fact, he could have done it while visiting Earth back in the 60's when he went by the name Joe Rell. But that was before he had a son as well, so he may not know that his son has been on Earth for a couple of decades. That is, until he reads a recent international copy of the Daily Planet and sees a story about the Blur leaving his family crest behind as a marker. It will likely be that that draws him to Metropolis to meet his son. I'd also wager that Clark takes Jor-El to the Fortress where the Jor-El AI downloads a memory update into his original's clone. And then he winds up sacrificing himself to take out the rest of the Kryptonians, possibly sucking them all into the Phantom Zone. (which, of course, Jor-El had built with a back door for his bloodline)

I really liked this episode. They did the zombie look without really doing zombies. And in the end, it was Hamilton and Chloe who actually saved the day while Clark only assisted them with a blood donation. A nice change of pace, and good character development all in all. Although I did nearly yak when I saw Lana, but I liked how it was used to show Clark closing the book on her. And I also noticed a habit in the making of when there was trouble everywhere Clark's first thought was "Lois".
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