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Re: SG-U Air I and II (1x01/02) - (Discuss Grade | SPOILERS)

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Also sort of odd that you'd run a life support system on an uninhabited ship for millenia, especially considering you've got "incoming gate turn-stuff-on" technology.

I thought the same thing - In fact, assuming the 'Anceints' never gated to the ship, I was wondering why anything BUT THE ENGINES (which seem to be the ONLY thing working) would be in bad shape.
The technology to 'turn things on when the gate activates' was seen on Atlantis, a city ship built hundreds of thousands of years later. This is ancient Ancient tech. There will be things they don't have yet. For example, there have been no 'Ancient gene' security lockouts show up yet.
Besides, there are hints that they're not the first ones to make it to Destiny, so odds are the systems were left running at full by whoever the last lot were, who probably got the ship involved i the battle that caused the hull damage.

If the ship was in fact hermetically seealed, there would be no real decay internally.
Clearly, it's not.

Also sorry, but this strikes me as more of a Stargate: Voyager with an annoying 'Wesley' type teen character thrown in. Also, please give me a break in that the 'wiz kid's' contribution to make the thing work was "Use the 'Earth' symbol as the 9th cheveron.
Actually, the whizz kid solved an Ancient mathematical problem to make it work. the 'ninth chevron is Earth' thing was just a spur of the moment idea.

The person whose entire contribution to the project was 'the last symbol is Earth' was actually Daniel Jackson in the movie Stargate. That movie establishes that the only thing they hadn't done yet was pick Earth as the 7th symbol. Rather than just try 39 times with the available options, they had to call in a genius.

Also, it's a strech that they could connect to the ship in the first place since even in the first Stargate series, the problem was that the planets had moved so that the 'Constellation' symbols (aka the 'addresses' changed, and they were spending MONTHS using a mainframe computer to calculate teh correct addresses); yet with an extremely ancient address, they can suddenly connect to a small (when compared to a planet) ship travelling at FTL speeds; talk about major 'plot device' needed just to swallow all this.
We don't know what the Ancient maths problem was; it could have been just this - on a moving ship, that sort of calculation would be necessary to connect, the Ancients would have known that.

Also, once they're on the ship, people just want to try and 'dial Earth'? Hello, you just came from a planet where the core was turned into a power source to power a gate to get to the ship, yet they somehow think the ship would have enough power to dial back? If that were the case, do you think the 'Anceints' would have had to go through all the things they did to set that gate up in the first place? (Sorry, I like characters who are suppossedly 'the best and brightest' to ACT like it sometimes).
You don't think you might think 'lets try it' in that situation? However rationally you could argue against it? Your face would be pretty red if it was possible and you didn't try. A bit like when line forms outside a door that's actually unlocked, just no-ones tried it.

[quote is the Stargate so commonplace to the U.S. military brass that they say, "Sure, bring your daughter along too..." [/quote]

His daughter is also a member of his staff. The pilot made that clear.
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