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Your least favorite TV romances & why?

What TV romances do you hate or were just plain bad ideas?

Gwen Cooper/Owen Harper, Torchwood
What a terrible mistake. Gwen loses all of her likability by cheating on her husband. Owen makes himself even more unlikable than usual by acting like a total ass the whole time. Two characters that aren't attractive and have no sexual chemistry. And the plotline just kinda fizzed out after only a few episodes, leaving nothing but a bitter aftertaste. The only saving grace is that, in Season 2, the writers tried to forget that it ever happened.

Clark Kent/Lana Lang, Smallville
Lana Lang is probably the worst character in TV history. I have no idea what a decent farmboy like Clark sees in this bitchy drama queen, particularly when the much cuter Chloe Sullivan is practically throwing herself at him.

Tru Davies/her asshole college professor, Tru Calling
Title says it all. That college professor was an asshole who got off on sleeping with his students. Thankfully, the show ditched him after only 2 episodes. (Ironically, the actor who played him ended up starring on his own series, North Shore, which stole Tru Calling's timeslot at the last minute.)

Willow/Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tara was a redundant character. They took Willow, the meekest character on the show, and decided to make her the dominant one? Tara's characterization was so muted, I practically had to turn up the volume on the TV whenever she was on screen. I miss Oz. (Still, I'll take Tara over Kennedy.)
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