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Re: Uncomfortable Plot Summaries

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is far more damning of the guy's mentality.
The people running the Dollhouse may be the protagonists, but don't be fooled into thinking they're supposed to be the good guys.

Not that there's any real distinction between right and wrong on the series from a storytelling perspective. It's mostly just examining a "what if this technology existed" scenario from as many angles as possible.

It starts with prostitution, moves on to super-soldiers, then immortality, and finally.....wholesale destruction of civilization.

"A brothel!? You're telling me that the tech that punt-kicked the ass of the human race started out as a way to make a more convincing hooker?"

"They really thought they were helping, huh? Giving people what they needed. Is this what we needed?"
"No. Kids playing with matches...and they burnt the house down."
-Dollhouse: Epitaph One
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