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Re: Smallville 9x03 "Rabid" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

Well! it looks like Zod is the dumb one now to think Jor-El has been on this planet for 25 years finally playing hero,when its Kal-El doing all of the super heroics.

Wait until he meets Kal-El/Clark in the flesh,and tries off him in the next three episodes.
Toy man is up next,and we know how crazy he is.
By the way yes we did see in Turkey the\S/ symbol burned into the ground,but its shared by both father,and son in November Kal-El gets to meet his father for real I'm thinking Zod dos not have tech yet to discover the Fortress,and needs to have someone steal it from Tess.
Probably Jor-El is being just as hard to find until he finds the Fortress,and contacts Kal-El via comlink to his cellular phone by text message or e-mail.
I know this is a stretch on my part,but stranger things have happened on Smallville before so let us allow the season to unfold.


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