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Re: NBC cancels Southland

This is the first sign of the Lenopocalypse, folks.

The reason NBC did this? The writing for the first 6 episodes already filmed where deemed "to dark and gritty" for the 9 PM time-slot.


They canceled this drama for being too dramatic for the only time slot available.

Which is the only slot available because they've given 10 PM totally over to Leno.

Chris Meloni of Law & Order SVU was on MSNBC today, along with a writer of some note, forget his name, and everyone as much as they may like Leno, is waiting with baited breath and hope for Leno to fail, because his idiotic-timed show is not only killing 5 good potential dramas a week, but it's harming the dramas that used to be on at 10 and are now forced into 9, as they can't be as adult as they used to be at the earlier time.

Fucking Idiot NBC...

They're dragging all of broadcast television down with their sinking ship.

If Leno is still on by mid-season, we're in real trouble, folks.

If he's still on by summer... this is truly the end of television. Truly.
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