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Re: NBC cancels Southland

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NBC pulled a Fox!

NBC should just give up now on everything, it's all trash.
NBC in in serious trouble but I think it may of found its possible saving grace. I've noticed most of its shows that do get respectable viewer totals lack the demo to back it up but why should that be bad...

There are more old people watching TV than young people and they not only have more money but spend more. CBS targets the old without really advertising it to keep its image at least good enough for a decent amount of young viewers to add to there already huge audience hence why CBS is top dog.

NBC should go after the older audeince more and make hard hitting drama's and less shows with characters who are made for the young demo.
No new Star Trek TV series, the movies are making more money than ever before but are equally divisive, people are posting a lot less or have gone...For we are the Trekking Dead
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