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Re: Summarize "Angel: After the Fall/Aftermath" for me

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A few follow up questions:
Connor died but got better when time was reset. Everyone got better except for Wesley, who was already dead before LA was sent to hell.

Gwen, Nina, and the others were background characters involved in the resistance. None had starring roles.

Wolfram and Hart's goal was to make Angel suffer for eternity. Killing him quickly in the alley was too easy, so they sent the entire city of Los Angeles to hell. That didn't work out. When LA returned to normal space/time, the W&H building was gone. (This was actually Whedon's plan had the show not been cancelled, Angel roaming through post-apocalyptic LA).

While in hell Illyria lost control (again) and had severe Fred flashbacks. Dead Wesley hanging around didn't help matters. The new writer says that won't happen again. Fred is gone for good.
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