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I would have found the original cameo they had planned far better though, but it would've been sad to see because of recent events.

Patrick Swayze was the original cameo that was planned and they were going to do a homage of his scenes in ghost at the pottery wheel.
Oh really!!!

I didn't know that.
Yeah, that wouldn't have come off funny anymore.
Yeah it was mentioned on one of the talk shows (I think the TV Guide talk show - no I don't watch it I was looking at the listings and didn't have the internet up) that he'd been approached but said no.

What they'd had planned was that one of the characters would have been unwinding and playing with a pottery wheel they found in a house they were hiding out at. While the character was working with clay the Swayze zombie would come in behind them and sit down and work with the clay then try to bite her.
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