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Re: My Star Trek fan art

Thank you both very much! ]X3

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Wow, this is nice. I really like it. Think about making up your own story lines and maybe doing a comic book?
Actually I do have a comic that I recently started. It dosen't have anything to do with Trek (well besides two of the characters being hard core Trekkies). But I have also though about doing little Trek one shots and stuff for fun. ]:3

This was just a doodle I did for fun:

My dad and I always make fun of Kirk in those episodes where he dosen't get the love interest. As I doodled this NuKirk found his way into the picture too. Not only does lose the girl to Spock in the movie, but the girlfriend he was making out with most likely died in it. ]XD;;;

Bones and Natira came out horrible (her hair is hard to draw from this angle!). I need to practice on drawing Trek characters! >]X|

(Yes, I am a BonesxNatira fan.)
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