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Re: What do you think of the Destiny?

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I also like the fact that it looks like they won't be beaming everywhere, instead using shuttles, so no last minute saves by beaming out
Beaming was always an Asgard thing, not an Ancient thing. (unless the Atlantis elevators somehow beamed around)
The Ancients had beaming, heck, they invented beaming. The ring transporters are an Ancient invention, which the Goa'uld stole. Also, in the beginning of Season 9 we find those Ancient treasures under ground, and our team is beamed (with a yellow color effect, Ancient transporters) to another chamber. Also, the transporter rooms in Atlantis are an instant beaming technology, which shares a sound similar to the ring transporters. So yes, Ancients had beaming.
Well, I meant ring-less beaming. I forgot about "Camelot" stuff which I think you're talking about. I did mention the Atlantis transporters though.
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