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Re: SG-U Air I and II (1x01/02) - (Discuss Grade | SPOILERS)

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Rush. Why did they choose the Brit guy for the role? Because he's going to be an unpleasant bastard. Maybe even treacherous.
Well, for one, he's Scottish. And for two, they got who they thought was the best actor for the role. I'm sure the fact that he's a name actor had some sway as well.
Uhhh, yes, that's what I said. Brit. British. Great Britain..

It's a bit of a 'thing' - the bad hat is played by a Brit/French/etc actor. More 'believable' or something.
They just want a good actor that can speak well. British guys play the good guys all the time too.
sometimes in real life a villain will burn your house to the ground, kill your family, rape your wife, and shoot your dog and then laugh because he liked it. Some people are just assholes.
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