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Re: A Middle Earth Question

Actually there's something to be said for CT's point of view also. While I applaud Jackson's movies as a tour de force, a landmark achievement and a bunch of other superlatives, there is a lot of stuff which is "Not Tolkien" about them also - and I'm not just talking about the reworking of the stories or additions/subtractions - which (I think) is where CT comes from.

CT's viewpoint from what I've read of his views are to somehow crystallize JRRT's views. His editorial work is done with that in mind. He won't as an example, make Aragorn a reluctant King, just to give him a "cinematic arc" or even a "thematic arc" to make the story "better/coherent" etc. There's much to be said for his approach to editing on JRRT's work.

When I read PG Wodehouse's unfinished book (in my teens, which was earlier than when I read JRRT), I didn't like it because it was basically unfinished/unpolished and the story wasn't fun. I had imagined it similar to (say) Curtain: Poirot's Last Case but it was nothing like that. It was just an unfinished book, meticulously put together. You can get a feeling (if you're so inclined) as to how PGW 'worked' and 'created' his book. CT's ideas are to present to the world JRRT's ruminations (and re-ruminations) on ME. It is very admirable work. imho. He isn't interested in being an independent author and and write his own stories set in ME. He is basically interested in revealing JRRT's thoughts in as coherent and condensed a manner as possible. Which is the reason for his "beef" with the movies. And I think Jackson was right in taking liberties in order to make the movies as successful as possible. However much I would have preferred somebody to "stick closely" to the book. Which is also the reason why FOTR is the best of the three movies for me. It shows to me that it is "achievable" to think of a "true" LOTR in today's or future times.

Re the Avari, I think they would have led solitary lives, growing closer to nature - seldom seen by men.

I also "imagine" that ME is the "precursor" to most of the other (good) fantasy books I've read. And that the Avari (or those Elves who choose to stay behind and do not go to Valinor and the Undying lands) will with the passage of time become the Elves that we see in some of the other books. The Iluvatar and Mandos mythology will get lost/forgotten over the ages and get replaced with whatever mythology I'm reading in the book. In essence, they become the Qar that we see in Tad William's Shadowmarch (I'm all excited about the third part coming out in early 2010) and they are also the Sithi/Norn from his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn tri/quadro-logy
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