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Re: SG-U Air I and II (1x01/02) - (Discuss Grade | SPOILERS)

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Rush. Why did they choose the Brit guy for the role?
Well, for one, he's Scottish.
*looks at Google Maps*

Yep, Scotland is still part of Great Britain. Got worried there!
Oh yes, it's still up there. People usually forget about Wales rather than Scotland.

I finally watched SG:U this week, and I thought it was amazing. I went right off SG1 during season 6 or something, and I hated Atlantis, and when I saw the trailer for this, it raised an eyebrow or two.

I loved it. It left me wanting more SG:U, and I'm confident I'll be watching the whole series. I love Rush, mainly because he has his own agendas for being on Destany.

Did anyone else notice, the senators daughter (forgot her name), has the most perfect nose ever?
Oh, I'm sorry! I thought this was -- Zombie Jesus? What are you doing here?!
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