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Re: Good Urban Fantasy?

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Honor Harrington, a new Mary Sue for a new age!
It's been said, and on some level I have to agree, but for the most part, I don't really see Honor as a "Mary Sue" character when I'm reading her. She's got her faults, they just tend to be internalized.
She's overly self-conscious, self-flagellating, vengeful, and has a dark killer instinct just itching to play "Jack-In-The-Box". Other than those qualities, I can see the comparison.

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How did the author and editor(s) for the Dresden Files decide that exactly 23 books would be the perfect number for this series? That seems really odd to me. What a strange amount of novels to plan out for an arc that's barely halfway done. Don't tell me he saw the awful Jim Carrey Movie...
Jim Butcher says he has it planned as 20 "case files" and "an apocalyptic trilogy" but that may change depending on if his kids go to college...
^Yeah, 23 is a guesstimate based on if his son goes to college, if grad school is in the works... possibly more. But ending the "Case Files" and following that into a Trilogy is the current plan of action.
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