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Re: October Challenge Inquiries

Just to add my [2] ... I like the idea of an "old school" art challenge, using traditional materials (or, for that matter, even using their digital equivalents, in a drawing or painting program - the key is in how the artist interacts with his or her art). Why do I like these things? Because I don't tend to do them on my own initiative (even though that's how I started out many years ago - even went to school for it!). I like the idea of a "challenge" being just that: a challenge, rather than just a showcase of what we're already good at or comfortable with, or subjects that we would normally pick to portray, regardless of circumstances. As a moderator, I have no influence over what people can choose to do here, only over whether they abide by the board rules. As a member of the forum, however, I like to come here not only to occasionally show off what I'm good at (which explains why I post so little ), but also to learn from my peers and to be inspired by them in ways that I wouldn't normally consider. Everyone can participate in this forum, every day - we can post anything we are working on, anything we've chosen to do, whether on a whim or after long and serious consideration, and it's great to see so many different things that people are capable of, and so many different creative ideas. That's why I like the idea of challenges - that people might find the time and accept the task of trying something different, and maybe even learn something new.

Of course, it's also important to have fun .

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