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October Challenge Inquiries

I don't have a really good idea off hand and Ptrope suggested I ask for some opinions from you guys.

The idea I was considering was hand drawn (or painted) artwork... mainly because other than illustrations for mathematics, I haven't drawn anything in nearly 20 years. I figured with three weeks, I might regain (relearn) some old skills and hopefully gain some new ones (I always thought I missed out by not taking more art in school). Plus I've been feeling a little chained to my computer lately.

But here is the thing... I don't always have the time for these challenges (which is why this last one was my first attempt), and want this to be as inclusive as possible.

So lets take a day or two to get some feedback on my idea and see what ideas the rest of you guys have.

To be fair, because this last contest was so close, I'll discuss the ideas posted in this thread with Starscape and we'll decide together.
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