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Re: Blue Warp Nacelles?

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You mean Starfleet Doctor Pushnow?
Yeah. The unspecified species with the big CGI eyes. I always thought Abrams should have made her a female Denobulan as a tip of the sombrero to Phlox and ENTERPRISE.
Every other main-character doctor in Trek and the overwhelming majority of the guest and secondary doctors have been human and from Earth, with the exception of the EMH, who was modeled after a human doctor from Earth. Making her not an Earth human was enough; making her Denobulan as well would have been a great big exaggerated wink and a nudge in the ribs ("say no more, know what I mean?") Besides, there was Admiral Archer's beagle for a nod to Enterprise.
True and fair enough. But I always wanted to see another Denobulan doc in the TREK universe. And we know Denobula was one of the earliest members of the Federation because they were among the 17 worlds/races the signed the UFP Charter in 2161. I sorta felt if Abrams was gonna have an alien nurse with comically oversized facial features then a Denobulan would have worked because their smiles stretch all the way up to their cheeks. I could see a Denobulan nurse smiling a "Phlox grin" as Winona Kirk gave birth.
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