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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

Trek TV has always explored the characters with extensive character development over the seasons with recently ENT going that way a lot for the first 2 seasons.
Star Trek XI just cannot be compared in the storytelling way to Trek on TV. Star Trek XI is an action movie! A series 6 Trek is a different animal.
My starting this thread brings up a number of things such as who the actual audiences are of these 5 TV channels. Us Trek fans obviously think the audience of Spike is not the Trek audience.
Not all Trek over the years has been equal, my friends who don't like Trek have pointed to "Enterprise" as an example of why they don't like Trek, and I think the criticism is fair and legit. Read some of the posts for bad "Enterprise" episodes reviews at The Agonizer and you'll see where even alot of Trekkers/Trekkies are coming from in their dislike for "Enterprise". Voyager also had some problems. Not all Trek has been character based their are a lot of preachy episodes, and tech based episodes, and the tech based ones were worse than the preaching, Technology makes for good short stories but boring Trek.
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