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Re: Lost SPOILERS Four-Toed Foot!

I don't know... I love lost, but if the following is true, it looks like we have the almighty reset button again, which would really p**s me off.


The big scene that was shot was indeed LAX, yes the title of the first episode of season 6 was a major set shot here in Honolulu. Los Angeles International Airport played by Honolulu International Airport. The production crew ventured over there, and they also used Pier 2 across from Restaurant Row... in any case it was a big to-do, and pretty much the whole cast was there, everybody you might guess, or even dread. Sighted over those two days were Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, the Marshal, whatever the actor's name is, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, Daniel Dae Kim, and Yunjin Kim, and Emile DeRaven of course, we knew she was coming back, Claire, Dominic Monahan, Charlie, I guess that could be shocking. Also Daniel Roebuck, everyone's good friend Dr. Arzt, and the guy with heartburn, good old Neil Frogurt played by Sean Wayland, so it looks like, again, friends lost are found once again.

So a number of scenes unfolded there for the airport. Inside, Jack is freaking out at an airline counter, he's saying, "My father's funeral is in just two hours," and it seems like something has happened to his father's coffin. Jin and Sun are there, and Jin is once again speaking only in Korean, and unfortunately being a bit of a jerk again to his wife. Kate meanwhile is in the handcuffed custody of the Marshal, but after arranging a visit to the bathroom, it appears she gets away. So, there you go, she escapes, Kate makes a break for the door, she passes Hurley and says "Hey" to him, and she jumps the line of the taxi stand. That makes someone mad, it turns out it's Neil Frogurt, and she gets into a cab and it drives away. The Marshal emerges soon after, and he runs to some security guards waving a piece of paper with Kate's picture and tells them to keep an eye out for her, but he notices the cab, and runs after it, so that was some pretty cool stuff. And thanks to Eric, KC, and even our friend Mitchell for sending in those scoops.
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