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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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some positive aspects for Star Trek if they eventually went to show time, some examples are, no commercials, decent budget

also mentioned
Showtime (premium cable) is the only option where the show would have a half-decent budget, and not be immediately cancelled.
GhostFaceSaint it's where you bring up the actual storytelling that I'm losing you
on Showtime it can tell better stories because Trek needs to be less two-dimensional in its depiction of characters, it needs interpersonal conflicts of some kind to be more realistic reflecting human nature like in Star Trek XI, it also needs that same classic Trek humor we saw in XI
Trek TV has always explored the characters with extensive character development over the seasons with recently ENT going that way a lot for the first 2 seasons.
Star Trek XI just cannot be compared in the storytelling way to Trek on TV. Star Trek XI is an action movie! A series 6 Trek is a different animal.
My starting this thread brings up a number of things such as who the actual audiences are of these 5 TV channels. Us Trek fans obviously think the audience of Spike is not the Trek audience.

Temis the Friendly Ghost hits the nail on the head with the Star Trek franchise
perceived as staunchly mainstream
For the poll I chose CW network.
Leslie Moonves President & CEO CBS Entertainment may control CBS , Showtime, & CW but would probably program it on the CW as it's less of a 'risk' on his beloved CBS network tv and CW has generally lower ratings anyway.

If you care to write a letter to him. Here is the business info:
Mr. Leslie Moonves
President & CEO
CBS Entertainment
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 975-2824
Fax: (212) 975-6766
according to a 2006 blogpost.
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