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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

There are some positive aspects for Star Trek if they eventually went to show time, some examples are, no commercials, decent budget with more money available through the anticipated profit gained from episodes available "On Demand" (cable only sadly) with new ones available a week before broadcast airing on the network this would probable increase the available budget for any new Trek show, and they will definitely have more freedom with the scripts.

Some thought I had for Trek is that on Showtime it can tell better stories because Trek needs to be less two-dimensional in its depiction of characters, it needs interpersonal conflicts of some kind to be more realistic reflecting human nature like in Star Trek XI, it also needs that same classic Trek humor we saw in XI; when Trek takes itself too seriously it gets insulting to watch when its messages become too obvious and doesn't allow the viewer to do his or her own thinking about the show (besides aren't Trekkies smarter than the average viewer). Also they would have the freedom to take the characters and let them change and/or grow making them much more three-dimensional and fascinating to watch, that make for stories that are more enjoyable and memorable.
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