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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: “Sleeping Dogs”
Trek Installment # 13
Grade: C
Viewing Date: September 26, 2009

A surprisingly boring episode, despite the inclusion of the Klingons (which normally make it interesting, if not action packed). The threat of the Klingons was dull, the gas giant was lame, and I felt like the crew was in zero danger.

The argument between T’Pol and Hoshi and Reed about trying to help the Klingons is obviously a callback to “Broken Bow,” though a reference would have been nice.

First contact with gagh was fun, along with the rest of Klingon dining choices.

I liked the Hoshi/T’Pol scene. Surprising, actually, and very much appreciated. Great character development and relationship building. I would have liked to have seen moments like these more often with T’Pol and other characters besides Trip.

The Klingon female’s insistence that Archer is going to steal their technology really strikes me as paranoia and has me wondering if this was an attempt to tie back into the more stealthy and sneaky Klingons of the original series. Could it be that the Klingons have stolen technology and thus fear it happening to them, hence their more paranoid and covert movements during the 23rd century, a time when Klingons themselves look all too human? In fact, Archer’s talk with Trip about the Klingons not trusting them speaks to this as well (why are the captain and chief engineer wielding, by the way? Why not, y’know, actual crew members? )

I think if you look for the more subtle connections between Enterprise and TOS and jump to a few conclusions, you would find that Enterprise lends a lot to TOS. As we’ll see, relations between the Klingons and humans continue to be rocky. In fact, with just those few short scenes with the Klingons, we’re given our first real glimpse behind the scenes at the Klingon Empire. I’ll have more on this when we get further out, though.
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