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Re: New Composer and Theme for Series Five?

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That's hyperbolic ridiculousness.
No, it's my evaluation of the importance of Gold's original compositions to the over-all program.

That's like saying Russel Davies is as much a part of the essence of Doctor Who as The Doctor and the TARDIS.
Russell T. Davies didn't write every episode of the modern series; Murray Gold scored them all. In fact, those are literally the only constants in the current show -- the Doctor, the TARDIS, and Murray Gold music.

Just like there have been many showrunners of Doctor Who so have there been composers with their own takes of the original Ron Gainer theme.
1. Who's talking about the theme song? I'm talking about the music in the episodes themselves. I'm confident that the Gainer theme will be retained in some form.

2. Yes, but I'm not talking about the original series, I'm talking about the current Doctor Who. Murray Gold's work has been at the heart of the show, and I'd hate to see him leave.
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