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Re: Star Trek : Angel

Thanks to all for your very kind comments! My labours have not gone unrecognised!!!

Seriously though, to answer some questions:

1. The stories of STARFLEET ACADEMY, STAR TREK : ANGEL and the VIGNETTES series are all intertwined and while it isn't necessary to read all of them, it increases the depth of the stories to do so.

2. The introduction of the Borg Queen and the search for time-travel technology is indeed a lead up to FIRST CONTACT but also will prove crucial as you read Book One of ANGEL. (No spoilers!!)

3. I've attempted as far as possible to weave established Trek events and characters into the stories. This I believe helps people to relate the stories themselves to events that they're already familiar with in the Trek 'Verse (or at least I hope it does!)

4. Canon... I've tried as far as possible to remain true to Trek canon. My main difficulty is what Trek canon means to individuals, and how much does that canon interfere with story telling? I would hope that those who read my efforts would point out where I've gone astray! (Kindly though, I'm old!)

5. The ACADEMY series begins before ANGEL, and as such is a prequel to it. As I said earlier though, the series are effectively stand alone so can be read independently of each other.

I think that covers it! I'll post the next chapter of Angel up here today if you like (and if that's easier for you guys) and if you think it's a good idea I'll follow suit with the ACADEMY books as well.

Thanks once again for the warm welcome and kind comments crew! I is feeling all warm and tribbly!
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