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My Star Trek fan art

I just thought I'd share some of my Star Trek art with you all.
I draw in a anime style, and yes, I am aware that the torsos are long, that is my style. It's done on purpose, no need to point it out to me. ]:3

This was the first picture I did. It was for an art-trade I had with someone on Deviantart (hence my watermark (I always leave them on to protect my pictures)).
It turned out horrible, but it always takes me a bit to get use to drawing new characters, so forgive their appearance. ]XD;

What the DA member had requested was a picture of Nu!Kirk and Spock. So I just drew them on some random TOS looking planet.

Hopefully I will improve with drawing the characters. ]XD;;
(and FYI, I hate backgrounds, and I'm not good at them. So expect them to look bad.)

I will post some of my other pictures if people are interested. ]:3
I am a Bible-believing Christian.

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