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Re: Furries

I must admit...I think it's pretty weird, and I don't really get it.

Scifi fans, I get. Usually there are movies or TV shows or books that generate such fandoms.....and it's the personalities of the characters in those media (or the personalities of the actors, possibly) as well as the storylines of those movies, TV shows and books that tend to generate the interest. Not the lifeless images of the initially rendered characters on a page or computer screen. Scifi fandom centers around storylines and characters - what is underneath those simple rendered images. The look of the character and the costume is very much secondary to the personality of the character and the storyline that character is involved with.

As I understand Furry fandom, it's about the images and the suits. And to me, that feels sort of empty of meaning...and makes me wonder what the draw could be, if it was not some sort of bizarre sexual thing.

That said....I think alot of scifi fans take fandom too far as well. I mean, there is a REASON they made Trekkies, you know? And there is a reason why the fans waiting on line for Star Wars were such an easy target for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

I love scifi and Star Trek...but when a person decides he needs to learn Klingon as a second language, it's time to put down the remote and go get some fresh air. And when a woman moves into a particular apartment, just so she can see the the roof of Brent Spiner's house on a good's time to go get some frakkin' THERAPY.
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