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As a furry myself, it's safe to say that a lot of what I would associate with the more "mainstream" furry movement raises my eyebrows, though I don't feel it's appropriate for me to judge, particularly if everyone involved is providing consent and nobody is being harmed.

That being said, as with many other movements, the furry fandom is plagued by the fact that the more extreme members tend to be the ones who also attract the greatest degree of media coverage and hence lead to exaggerated stereotyping.

No reporter would use me as an example of the fandom because I would fail to be entertaining.
Yep. Because I don't walk around in a fursuit talking about yiffing other fursuiters, a reporter wouldn't come within a mile of me, either. It's all about ratings and what brings them in. Nice, normal folks don't do that. Guy who walks around sniffing other people's crotches? Yep. Girl with Spock ears talking about how she's going to have a Klingon child someday? Yep.
Now you have something to aspire to.
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