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Re: Furries

Ghoul Malakai wrote: View Post
**snip excellent post**
I understand what you're saying, and usually I relegate such things to the same type of fandom that I do Star Trek fans who go for the whole K/S fiction as you mentioned before. There will always be that kind of subculture, there's no denying that. All we can do is show that there is a balance to it, just like there are Star Trek fans who just enjoy watching the show.

The Dead Nations wrote: View Post
Dolphins are sentient, and I think if you called a cetacean scientist a "furry" you'd get punched in the mouth. People who watch cartoons with animals in them are not furries and would not identify as such, for the most part. Whether you like it or not, the term "furry" refers almost exclusively to anthropomorphic animal fetishism.
It doesn't. The popular culture currently replaces "furry" with "guy who wants to have sex with cats", just as it replaces "Trekkie" with "guy who lives in basement playing with action figures and will never get laid". If we based ourselves on popular culture definitions, then there would be no point in trying to explain to others the misconceptions.

Princess Leia is human. And yes, actually, sex appeal is definitely part of Star Wars, and no one has denied that. What are you doing here is trying to deny the overtly sexual nature of the furry-related items you post.
No, I readily state that many of the images I post have a sexual tone in them. I have never denied that. In fact, my signature even has such a tone in it. Why would I deny this?

The Internet, man. They're all over. Always whining about being persecuted, and having to be banned from forums where they aren't wanted because they either won't stop posting furry bullshit or they're always whining about how no one will accept them.
I'm not whining about being persecuted. Whether I am accepted or not is not up to me. All I can do is be who I am and trust that people will eventually get the idea that I'm not some kind of sexual predator or guy who wants to have sex with Flipper.

No, what I see here is you trying to normalize the furry subculture by claiming anyone who likes cartoon animals is actually a furry. You might as well claim any guy who likes masturbating is gay, because he likes touching dicks.
I see here that you're not listening to anything I say, instead substituting what you believe is furry fandom, even when a furry is trying to tell you all about it. Again, I ask, what are your sources? I honestly want to know.

I really don't care what sorts of creepy things furries are into, I am just against this whole "acceptance" movement. So some people don't like your subculture, so what? There are things I like that nobody else does, and I don't go waging propaganda campaigns so people will accept it. Why are furries so obsessed with being accepted? Is it because they don't want to admit what they're into is weird and deviant?
You're not making a good argument here, you're ranting more than anything. Relax. I'm not out to make you into a furry. It's not a disease and you can't catch it just by associating with furries.

Okay, fine, then you're having sexual thoughts about something that isn't human and doesn't even pretend to be done, or pass as one. I think that's kinda creepy. Your mileage may vary. I don't see why it makes any difference to you what anyone else thinks of it, though.
I bolded the part where it shows everything you've ignored up to this point about me and what I have said. If you have issues with it, fine, but at the very least, address what I have actually said.

As for what difference it makes, it doesn't. I'm just curious. There's nothing wrong with that. If we never ask questions, what's the point of learning anything?

Anyhoo, in a more general remark to everyone, here is an example of furry art that I like:

(Copyright 2009 Valentine Crow, just so I can get the legalities out of the way)


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