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Re: Furries

Jay O'Lantern wrote: View Post
Whether you like it or not, the term "furry" refers almost exclusively to anthropomorphic animal fetishism.
Strictly speaking, at least in the original definition of the term, Jay is correct. It has evolved and narrowed since the early '90s, however, in response to exactly the kind of thing you're talking about. That said, the definition is still broader than you're giving it credit for, as "furry" tends to encompass all kinds of online artists and convention-goers, whether they have a sexual fetish for the art or not. (See marymouse, sammystudio, dingbat, frisket, thornwolf etc.)

Jay O'Lantern wrote: View Post
For the record, I too grew up with some Disney favorites. Primarily Rescue Rangers, Tailspin, and not once did I ever sexualize any of it.
Oh, I don't know, Gadget was kind of hot. Not that I noticed as a kid, of course.
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