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Re: How would Sarek explain Spock 'Prime' to the other Vulcan survivor

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but they could've used the concept without using the character.
Don't poke the bear. Harlan Ellison was already suing Pocket Books and CBS Studios re the "Crucible" novel trilogy.

Didn't you hear the fuss he made when Peter David told him he'd heard a rumour that JJ Abrams was putting the Guardian of Forever into the new movie?
Yeah, yeah, I heard the fuss. As I said: If you owe him pay him, otherwise HARLAN SHUT THE FUCK UP! IT"S OVER!

But as I said, "the concept". A time portal isn't exactly exclusive to City On The Edge Of Forever. Even if they had to wink and nod it, with "Well I know of several time portals, most are closed to us now. But..." Then just have Spock 1.0 reveal that he knows the locations of a some long forgotten time portal
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