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Re: Furries

The Dead Nations wrote: View Post
No, sorry, a lot of us watched that stuff as kids, and we wouldn't identify as furries. Because the entire point of the furry subculture is fetishizing anthropomorphic animals.
No, it's not.
A furry is someone who expresses an interest in anthropomorphic or sentient animals, most commonly found in art, literature and media.

Why do your avatars and wallpapers have female animals in provocative poses? And then you claim it's not strictly sexual.
So if you saw someone with Princess Leia in a bikini, you're going to assume all Star Wars fandom is about sexuality? My avatars have that because I like the images. I like the colors. Do I find sexuality in it? Sure, if I want. I like Fantasy.
I've been on the Internet a loooooooong time. My opinion of furries has nothing to do with CSI.
Then where did you get your information on furry fandom?

So, people who like looking at animals in provocative poses aren't actually turned on by it at all? Is that what you're saying?

I'm sure people read lolicon for the stories, too.
No need to get acidic. I will gladly answer questions, it's why I started the thread. Firstly, most furry art is not sexual in any way. Secondly, what is sexual is usually niche, just as other more accepted porn is niche. There are people in both groups.

Don't be dense, J. Yes, we're animals. But we're humans. Humans don't go having sex with non-humans. Even in Star Trek, I find the concept kind of icky, but let's face it--the aliens in Star Trek are, by and large, a lot closer to being human than your typical furry character. A bumpy forehead isn't really that "alien." Having a dog snout, furry body, and tail? Yeah, I think you're venturing into "I have dirty thoughts about animals" territory.
I'm not being dense. I'm being honest, completely honest. A character may have a dog snought, furry body and tail, but that doesn't mean I'm going to have sexual thoughts about my neighbor's Border collie. There is a huge difference in those concepts, and it's intellectually disingenuous to push them together and assume they represent furries as a whole.


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