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Re: Furries

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To be honest, I think people who have a fascination with anthropomorphic animals in risque situations are a bit messed up. You're basically getting turned on by an animal. It's not too far off from bestiality. As far as I'm concerned, it's in the same ballpark as people who are into shotacon and lolicon. You aren't actually screwing around with animals (or children), but you seem to be turned on by the thought, and that does worry me.
Where did you acquire that information? What sources? There is far more to furry fandom than sexuality. In fact, being a furry is easy; all you have to do is express an interest in anthropomorphic animals or animals with human sentience. For example; Mickey mouse, Bugs Bunny, Sonic the Hedgehog.
No, sorry, a lot of us watched that stuff as kids, and we wouldn't identify as furries. Because the entire point of the furry subculture is fetishizing anthropomorphic animals.

Why do your avatars and wallpapers have female animals in provocative poses? And then you claim it's not strictly sexual.

What popularized the idea of furries and sex has much to do with a particular episode of CSI called "Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas". Like all such shows, things like that need to be taken with a huge grain of salt. They're not out for truth, they're out for ratings and controversy.
I've been on the Internet a loooooooong time. My opinion of furries has nothing to do with CSI.

As for connections with children, it has been shown that a large number of pedophiles have also been Trek fans. Is there a connection? Apparently. Is it fair to the 99% of Trek fans who express no such interest in children? No, it isn't fair.
So, people who like looking at animals in provocative poses aren't actually turned on by it at all? Is that what you're saying?

I'm sure people read lolicon for the stories, too.

Bestiality? In what way? We're animals ourselves. We're a part of the species homo sapiens and are simply bipedal primates. What you're thinking of is an attraction to feral animals. Keep in mind, that (and I've said this before) we're on a Star Trek board where people have expressed interest in having sex with green skinned Orions, Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Trills, Andorians, and all manner of species. It has been said that "yes, but these are people in makeup", and so I say anthropomorphic animals are merely people in fur/feathers/scales. The sentience is there, unlike in bestiality where the animals is feral and non-sentient/self aware.

Don't be dense, J. Yes, we're animals. But we're humans. Humans don't go having sex with non-humans. Even in Star Trek, I find the concept kind of icky, but let's face it--the aliens in Star Trek are, by and large, a lot closer to being human than your typical furry character. A bumpy forehead isn't really that "alien." Having a dog snout, furry body, and tail? Yeah, I think you're venturing into "I have dirty thoughts about animals" territory.
Five stars!
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