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Re: How would Sarek explain Spock 'Prime' to the other Vulcan survivor

We seem to be wandering away from the main topic somewhat, though.
A bit. Though my point is that the Vulcans would have a big problem with Spock, if they knew that he was the cause (or one of them) for the destruction of their planet.

Slingshotting, as far as Orci is concerned, belongs to an old model, one which has been superseded in the intervening four decades of theoretical astrophysics.
That's my big problem with Orci. He can't just ignore the rules that Star Trek followed for 40 years (and in my opinion, the time travel and parallel universe stuff was very consistent in Trek). And his reasoning is flawed, too: beaming and warp drive are impossible, too. Why did he include that in the script?
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