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Re: How would Sarek explain Spock 'Prime' to the other Vulcan survivor

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Well, it's not a fuck-up in the timeline. It's a NEW timeline.
Well that's debatable.

The Kirk character in the movie also shares my opinion about how time travel works in his universe.
That would be a one-word opinion, I'm guessing?

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And the Spock Prime character, if he is indeed supposed to be the same as in TOS, did slingshot around the sun to travel along one timeline.

So even if the Red Matter stuff caused a special case of time travel and parallel universe travel, they would still be able to slingshot around a sun to prevent the destruction of Vulcan in that particular parallel universe.
He is supposed to be the same Spock, and in certain TOS stories, slingshotting was indeed employed -- I believe the first such instance was as a result of Spock citing a never-tested intermix formula for a cold restart of the ship's engines. However, it very much looks as if slingshotting is not going to be seen again, or not in the foreseeable future, at any rate.
Dan: Spock Prime could go back in time and stop Nero, like all the other ways they have done before in movies and TV shows in the past Trek lore, he doesnít need Red Matter to only go back in time to stop Nero. Itís lame for Bob to say that Prime Spok canít do time travel without Red Matter. When they could just fly around the Sun like he did in Star Trek IV, or Picard did in First Contact.
BobOrci: In our Universe, as long as I am here, you canít just slingshot around the sun and linear time is a misconception from the middle part of the 20th century.. A good analogy for what we have done here would be to imagine we were rebooting the modern adventures of a sailor, who at the time that his stories were told, it was believed the earth was flat. Now, years later, here in the re-whatever, we know the world is round. So our story exists in a world where the world is now round, despite that being a ďcanonĒ violation.

GaryS: Was the timeline that Nero visited the original past up to the point that George Kirk is killed? Or was it always an alternate timeline because Nero was destined to travel there?
BobOrci: We think of it is as identical to the original until Nero arrives.
Slingshotting, as far as Orci is concerned, belongs to an old model, one which has been superseded in the intervening four decades of theoretical astrophysics.

We seem to be wandering away from the main topic somewhat, though.
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