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Re: Farscape rewatch

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I think Babylon 5 did have standalone episodes.
Well, I reserve my right to florid exaggeration. Strictly speaking, a fully arced Farscape still wouldn't be B5 as their arcs are sort of different in content, yet I disgress. So, yes, I just put in a sentence because it sounded cool, but I also had a point behind it:

Essentially, B5 spent a lot more time developing the political intricacies of its universe than Farscape did. It has standalone episodes, but at the end of the day it is about the big, sweeping events, the rise and fall of interstellar polities and the maturity of the younger races and other Big Issues.

Farscape is about wormhole weapons and the Peacekeeper/Scarran conflict, but it's just as much about the oddball standalone stuff it does. If I'm making sense here - Farscape's heart is really in episodes like "Crackers Don't Matter" just as much as it is in "Into the Lion's Den", while Babylon 5 has a clear slant towards its Epic Times, and its best standalone tends to be stuff that's still character/universe oriented rather than some strange anomaly tale.

Also, while I like B5 and it had some good stuff ( I enjoyed Jurasik and Katsulas) but I think Farscape got many of the drama elements "better" than B5.
True. I'd ascribe this simply to having an all-round better cast - Farscape's B.B. (Ben Browder) could whip Babylon 5's B.B. (Bruce Boxleitner) any day.
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