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Re: Good Urban Fantasy?

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^Let us know how that is if you would Bob.
Sure, but it might be a while before I get round to it, I'm currently re-reading Codex Alera before Book 6 comes out.

I agree with you about Dresden Files, but your caveat would be true for me too.
No rush...

I am ALSO rereading Codex Alera in preparation for First Lord's Fury. (With side trips through the Honor Harrington Short Story Anthologies and the LitTrek Mirror Universe.)

It's not Urban Fantasy, but I'm going to highly reccomend the Honor Harrington series as just an epic 'character' series with a nice mix of politics, intrigue, humor, and of course action.

Good stuff. (Honor of the Queen - HH#2 is quoted as being Butcher's favorite book as well.)
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