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Re: Farscape rewatch

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I wish they had spent more time on the arcs and left the silly Crackers don't matter stuff out. The John-Aeryn pairing makes for stupendous angsty "high-voltage drama" tag scenes.
But the crackers don't matter!

But yeah, Farscape's humour could be hit and miss for me, though probably more hit than miss. However I think by and large it blended arc material and standalone craziness very well - if the series had been all arc and interstellar politics it simply would not be Farscape. That's Babylon 5.

Farscape can be about wormholes and Scorpius and the fate of the galaxy, but it's also about the Moyans being hurled into bizarre situations, allowing the show to creatively mess about with sci-fi tropes. That's really a major part of why I love it so.
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