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Re: How would Sarek explain Spock 'Prime' to the other Vulcan survivor

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Well, it's not a fuck-up in the timeline. It's a NEW timeline.
Well that's debatable.

The Kirk character in the movie also shares my opinion about how time travel works in his universe.

And the Spock Prime character, if he is indeed supposed to be the same as in TOS, did slingshot around the sun to travel along one timeline.

So even if the Red Matter stuff caused a special case of time travel and parallel universe travel, they would still be able to slingshot around a sun to prevent the destruction of Vulcan in that particular parallel universe.
True. And not to hijack the thread, but what you're saying would not be correcting a timeline so it goes back to being as it should be (City being the best TOS example). Going back in time from within the new timeline to prevent Vulcan from being destroyed is truly changing the future. Not correcting, changing. It's not like it may not be able to be done, but doing it to change history, even for the better, is a different ethical question altogether.
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