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Re: What do you think of the Destiny?

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I think Rush theorized that the 'Ancients' sent it out so that at some point in the future, their progeny could leave Earth or Icarus and go to a distant part of the galaxy and explore it or populate it.
I remember hearing that but given that stargates are capable of intergalactic travel they could just as easily use a stargate from the Milky way to the new galaxy and explore it through the new network just as easily.
Pre show information from interviews and articles explains that the these gates are the oldest of the 2 gate networks we've seen. And the Ancients did not posses the magical ZPMs when the first stargates were put into service. The Destiny was created in the period before their tech became so evolved, millions of years before Atlantis was constructed.
Yet they can build a ship that can remain operational for millions/hundreds of thousands of years? Plus given they expected to gate to the ship when was billions of light years away you would think that if they did not have ZPMs they would have still had the power to gate to another galaxy.
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