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I can't believe that in the whole of the devestated United States laying in ruin that Tallahassee couldn't find cases upon cases of Twinkies. You'd think he could walk into any grocery store and find boxes of them.

Maybe zombies crave Twinkies as much as they do human flesh? It was funny that the Hostess truck they ran into contained nothing but (un boxed) Snowballs (my personal favorite Hostess treat) "It's the coconut, it's nothing against it per-se it's just the texture of it."

Loved the Zombie-kill with the banjo, the pop-ups of all the graphics, , and I don't know why but Tallahassee and Little Rock arguning in the car about Hannah Montana got a big laugh out of me, and the audience.

This was just a great little movie.

And I could just eat Emma Stone.
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