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Yeah, but that's not what I was getting at. Just about every zombie movie sticks to a plot formula. Rarely have I ever seen any zombie film not break the formula that I mentioned. Zombieland was different in that it broke the formula.
You're right about the formula; broadly speaking, the zombie genre can be called the Harlequin of horror movies. At the same time, however, I just so love the premise of the zombie film that I would gladly watch a dozen that were only variations on the 'begraddled survivors hole up and fight zombie' theme. There's something about the basic idea, the basic plot, that makes me empathize with the characters and get immersed in the story every time without fail. I've never met a zombie film I didn't like, other than Jesus Camp (a little too scary); even zombie movies I know to be objectively terribly made, I love watching them, bad acting, idiotic plotting, crummy effects and all.

This film, however, didn't have those; like I said, I'm hardly objective, but this was a top-notch zombie movie. I loved the repartee, I loved the one-off zombie gags speckled throughout, and I even liked the happy if not sappy ending. The cameo didn't work for me--I've never found him funny, honestly--but the rest was quite entertaining. Tallahasse needs a spin-off franchise, or his own comic book, maybe. I'd watch it.

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