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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^ You're right, it is stupid to write Liverpool off after 8 games because they've lost a few games. I however wrote them off the week before the league even started, because I felt then and still do now that:
-the strength in depth is weak, and there doesn't look like much is coming through to back-up the first XI or the bench
-some of the players are either not very good or don't look interested enough some days. Doesn't help when your manager plays you in a crazy position either, like he did with Aurelio and Lucas last week
-if Torres has an off-day or is kept quiet, they don't look like scoring half the time. Yes, I know they can score goals eg 6-1 v Hull, but Hull or Burnley at home is one thing. Chelsea or Fiorentina away is quite another.
-it's also surely no coincidence that of the 9/10 teams they've played this year, Liverpool have lost to the 4 good ones, and they've lost convincingly. That's not a pattern that's going to get them very far at home or abroad
Liverpool are doing one thing right - winning games they could easily lose or draw. Leeds and Debrecen spring to mind in particular. They've also eradicated last season's problem of the lower-team-home-draws. But there's no way they can keep losing to teams like Spurs or Villa - what's going to happen when they face City or even Everton?

I predicted them to finish 4th and have believed since August they are the weakest team in the top 4. I stand by my predictions. How do the Liverpool fans here think they can improve?

Starkers, I'd rather get smashed 6-1 away than 0-4 at home. Any day. Heavy home defeats are embarrassing no matter who you are.
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