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The only thing we did not know is whether the two redshirts would survive - and I was happy that Novakovich did not die, not because I cared about him - we didn't even know the guy - but because killing off a redshirt would be conforming to the oldest, most worn-out Trek cliche.
I agree. I hadn't seen the episode since it first ran, so I couldn't remember if he was doomed or not. If anything, I wish the paranoia would have been more centered on the redshirts, as (like you said) we knew the others were going to survive.


Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: “Silent Enemy”
Trek Installment # 11
Grade: B+
Viewing Date: September 22, 2009

Another good episode. Nice way to show up the beginning of phasers, strong development for both Reed and Archer, and a good kick in the face. Even the music was better than average. Archer admitting that they may have left Earth too early is surprising – but well done. His fear of being overpowered and his concerns about meeting so many aggressive aliens really launches him forward in terms of character development.

The aliens themselves are mysterious and strange, which only helps further the idea of danger and paranoia. The Reed subplot was kinda fun too and it thankfully showed off Hoshi, who is very rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters.
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