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Re: Farscape rewatch

M'rk, son of Mogh wrote: View Post
For anyone reading the recent (and still!!) ongoing comics (written by Keith R.A. DeCandido and Rockne O'Bannon), they've covered the Hynerian plot with Rygel already. And continue to cover it. GREAT reads!!
These are the first comics I've ever read (well not counting the Beano as a kid, and Arsenic Lullbay). First graphic novels I read? I didn't want the hassle of ordering them, so found them on the iPhone for 59p each! However I got to part two of four... and now there's no parts three and four!

But aside from the odd line, the dialog really does fit with the show. And Aeren and Crichton arguing over who would look after the kid I felt was very spot on.

Harvey wrote: View Post
Hey left because she was having an allergic reaction to the make-up. It was getting painful for her, and there was no way she could continue the role as a regular. She had already reduced her role significantly during season two, but the make-up was still taking its toll.
And it made her kidneys bleed. Jesus! Granny also started to have makeup issues, which is why she's not in Peacekeeper Wars much.

Technobuilder wrote: View Post
I should probably do a B5 run through as well and then finish up with DS9, it's been about 4 years since the last time I did either of those.
I've watched B5 through three times, so it doesn't have rewatch ability yet. DS9 too many times too. But I am now in the mood for another mass run through and don't have much! Bah. So watching One Tree Hill season 6 now... not quite Farscape is it?
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