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Re: Good Urban Fantasy?

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^Let us know how that is if you would Bob.

The Dresden Files
is probably my favorite book series period at this very moment, with The Codex Alera a close second, BUT I'm not as well read as most people here, so grain of salt and all that.

I recently started reading the Quincey Morris & Elizabeth Chastain Investigations series by Justin Gustainis, and I really enjoyed those as well.
Book 1: Black Magic Woman
Book 2: Evil Ways (Includes a Dresden Files Crossover Scene as well)
Book 3: Sympathy for the Devil (should be out soon)

Be aware that The Dresden Files is a planned 23 book series and book 12 comes out this April, it's a hell of a ride so far, and it ain't close to being over yet.

Jim is also releasing a Short Story Anthology of the complete Dresden Files Short Stories published thus far and a few new ones as well. So that's definitely something to look for and pick up if you get farther into the series proper.
Sure, but it might be a while before I get round to it, I'm currently re-reading Codex Alera before Book 6 comes out.

I agree with you about Dresden Files, but your caveat would be true for me too.
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