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Re: Good Urban Fantasy?

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The Dresden Files just gets better as it goes along, in my opinion. Hope you enjoy the rest of them.

I read The Devil You Know the first Felix Castor novel by Mike Carey which I enjoyed enough to go out and buy the other three, but I haven't got round to the others yet. It's about a freelance exorcist and investigator called Felix Castor working in London.
I am also a big fan of urban fantasy and must second the Felix Castor novels. The fourth and fifth books in the series are out in the UK and I had them shipped overseas so I did not have to wait.

Another tact you might want to take as a Dresden Files fan is to get the Mean Streets anthology. There is a Dresden Files short story in it with three other shorts. Be warned, though, you should not read this anthology until after Small Favor.
^2 of those 3 are in series I recommended too. Nightside and Remy Chandler.

I've just bought Child Of Fire which was recommended by Jim Butcher in a podcast, it just arrived on saturday so I haven't got round to reading it yet.
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