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Re: Rebecca Romijn: Genre babe of the week #41 (Oct. 2009)

Aragorn wrote: View Post
^ Some of those names are over 40, so right there Yoda would lock you up in an insane asylum.
No to mention a couple of straight up uglies in there.
Seriously out of that bunch Scarlett Johanssen and maybe Jennifer Connelly would merit an argument (albeit a losing one) against Rebecca Romijn.

You guys should probably all rally around me and help get Othello committed. Othello, it's perfectly fine for you to be attracted to men, and not know what you're talking about when it comes to women, but to be in denial and screw up the votes as a result it probably going a bit far.

And Aragorn, it's not like Rebecca Romijn is a spring chicken, but time hasn't done her the damage that it has to a lot of these women.
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